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Shipment from China

Shipment from China25.1.18 - Dear Customers, we would like to inform you about new shipment that is on the way from China. We expect the container to arrive here in the second half of March. Once we know the exact date we will inform you by newsletter.

There is a full 40" container on the way from China. We have personally selected and controlled whole shipment so you can expect nice quality end excelent selection.

The shipment contains following products:

TUMBLED STONES - angelite, fire agate, aventurine synt. gold and blue, aragonite, chrysoprase, fluorite green, rainbow, yellow, calcite orange, yellow and white, jet, jade, opalite, rhyolite, sugilite, smoky quartz, petrified wood


TUMBLED SMOOTH STONES - fire agate, fluorite, hematite, carnelian, rhyolite, mookaite, sodalite, tourmaline, smoky quartz, rock crystal


HEARTS 40MM - all common types in stock again


MASSAGE POINTS - points are designed for acupresure massages and are available from 12 different types of stones - NEW


LAVA STONES - small, big plus NEW SIZES - 400 kg altogether


EGGS - more than one ton of eggs from various types of stones


TUMBLED BRACELETS - agate Botswana, amethyst, apatite, chariot, fluorite, hematite, chalcedony, chrysoprase, jade, jasper breccia light, rock crystal, carnelian, kunzite, larimar, moonstone, morganite, mookaite, rose quartz, sunstone, sodalite


CHIPS BRACELETS - common types as well as gemstone bracelets - tourmaline, larimar, charoite, sunstone, chrysoprase, turquoise




BRACELETS FROM GEMSTONES - apatite, larimar, moonstone 3 colours, tanzanite, tourmaline, seraphinite, sapphire, ruby 


BRACELETS 8MM - complete offer of all common types


LOOSE STRINGS - wide offer - common types as well as NEW gemstones




BOXES – earrings from semi precious stones, pearl earrings - NEW, elephants 50mm




PAPER BOXES - bangle box 9x9cm, necklace box 16x12cm

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