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Svet kamenu - Spring promotion 10% off

Svet kamenu - Spring promotion 10% off16.3.20 - Dear Customers, the store of Svet kamenu will be temporarily closed, online sales will continue without any disruption. We will be happy to prepare any orders placed in e-shop, by email or phone. We have taken these measures in the context of the current government regulation against the spread of coronavirus COVID-19.

In order to make this situation easier for you and your businesses we are initiating spring promotion with extra 10% discount on top of our usual system of discounts. This promotion will be carried exclusively online, through emails and phone calls. 

The promotion will be held from 11. 3. till 24. 3. 2020.

 The discount is valid only for parcel or pallet shipments.

!!!The discount 10% is not applicable on the goods in PACKS, GEODE LOTS and the goods from CLEVER!!!


Here is what you can be looking forward to:

1. Minerals

We already upgrade menu of minerals with new variety for example:

The whole offer of minerals can be found here.

2. Amethyst Uruguay cut base

Samples with characteristic small amethyst crystals, many of them forming irregular stalactite  formations.

All these pieces have a flat bottom base.

Every piece is original.

We have two price categories for these druses:


The whole offer of these druses can be found here.

3. Minerals on a metal stand

A unique combination of metal and  precious stone creates a design object from natural examples – original work of art by man and nature. 

In our offer you can find:

In stock we have again amethyst and citrine butterfly wings on a metal stand. Price for these unique minerals is 350CZK/kg.

4. Geodes 

We have for you a lot of geodes of different forms and sizes. 

Geodes are put together in group - "lots" - on pallet(approx. 10 - 12 pcs of geodes). In case that you will buy whole pallet without selecting individual pieces the price is  150 CZK/kg a 200CZK/kg.

Price for selection of individual pieces of geodes is 250 CZK/kg and 300CZK/kg.

We are offering also big amethyst and citrine geodes. Price is 200CZK/kg.

There is no discount applicable on the "lot" price.

5. Stone candle holders

Rough unpolished stone with the hole for tea-light drilled from the top.

Bottom part is covered with textile.

We have following types of rough candle holders: rock crystal, rose quartz, avanturine, sodalite, calcite.

The whole offer of stone candle holders can be found here.

6. Agate candle holder

Agate geodes with front side cut and polished. Hole for tea-light drilled from the top. Bottom part is covered with textile.

The tea-light shine through the stone showing unique colors and structure of stone.

You can choose from these colors of agate candler holders: blue, red, natural, pink, violet, green. 

The whole offer can be found here.

7. Chips bracelets and necklaces

We have received new shipment and the stock of this popular items is complete. You can choose from the vide variety of stones. 

Long necklaces - strung on the nylon in the length of about 90 cm.  

Short necklaces - about 45 cm long and finished with the lobster clasp in silver colour.

Bracelets - strung on the elastic crystal string in flexible size. 

You can find the complete offer here.


The discount 10% is not applicable on the goods in PACKS, GEODE LOTS and the goods from CLEVER.

Except from this assortment we are also offering agate slices and wind chimes, tumbled stones, tumbled smooth stones, minerals - boxes, rings and many others.

We are looking forward to your orders.

Kind regards

Team of Svet kamenu 



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