About Us

I have been deeply fascinated by the beauty of stones since my youth. Amazing shapes of crystals, wide range of colors, stories and legends about collectors, excitement from mining minerals.

After 1989 the world has open for us.

First trips to abroad followed. Dream Africa, paradise of minerals- Brazil, center of bussiness- Hong Kong and China. The hobby became bussiness, but one thing remained. Love and deep passion for minerals.

Welcome to Worldstones!



What we can offer?

The wide range of goods is suitable for selling at tourist spots- castles, caves, booths and shops with souvenires, gift shops, salt caves. Our products can by used by healers, in tea rooms and galleries (I am sorry if I forgot someone).

You are welcome to visit our retail gallery in Rožnov p.R.



Guarantee of the best prices and quality

We are buying the stones directly at mines and in the factories where the products are made. We fly few times a year to Brazil, Hong Kong and South Africa to source the best quality and prices. Our goal is to keep the stock updated.


Own production

Why shall you choose our products among wide competition on the market?

You can recognize them easily. Because of our own  manufacturing technology- called tumbling- we can bring you the excelent quality of polished stones which are the basic material for the majority of our products.


Other services

Our company occupies the area of 2000 square meters. And we keep the most of our goods on stock.  So if you like our products on the web pages we would like to recommend you , for the first order to visit our company personally. We can also advise you what kind of our products would be suitable for your shop.

We speak English, Deutsch, Polski, Россию, Español.


Worldstones on youtube.com

Watch the video of our store.

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