Agate Madagascar


Agates from the Mahajanga province in northern Madagascar. Stalk and dendritic aggregates are very common. The concentric banding is rather rare. The chalcedony mass is usually bluish, shades of yellow and orange are also common. The yellow color is caused by iron oxides released from the soil. It is possible that orange color can be caused by natural heat treatment by the sun.

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 Agate  326g
Agate 326g

 Agate  306g
Agate 306g

 Agate  307g
Agate 307g

 Agate  206g
Agate 206g

 Agate  281g
Agate 281g

 Agate  254g
Agate 254g

 Agate  377g
Agate 377g

 Agate  282g
Agate 282g

Agate  288g
Agate 288g

Agate  159g
Agate 159g

 Agate  164g
Agate 164g

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