Agate Brazil Geode


Agate geodes from Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. The open cavities are covered with calcite crystals, blue chalcedony, chlorite or brilliant drusy quartz crystals. Rarely occur aggregates of goethite. Although the main part of agate production from Rio Grande do Sul is for commercial use there are still pieces of exceptional beauty found in this region.

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 Agate 241g
Agate 241g

 Agate  266g
Agate 266g

 Agate  164g
Agate 164g

 Agate  127g
Agate 127g

 Agate  112g
Agate 112g

 Agate  120g
Agate 120g

 Agate  134g
Agate 134g

 Agate  143g
Agate 143g

Agate  230g
Agate 230g

 Agate  290g
Agate 290g

 Agate  248g
Agate 248g

Agate  208g
Agate 208g

Agate  250g
Agate 250g

 Agate  309g
Agate 309g

Agate  448g
Agate 448g

 Agate 186g
Agate 186g

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